Friday, July 31, 2015

Killed By Cain - "s/t" (1993 R.E.X. records)

Started as White Ray, Killed by Cain caused a little bit of a disturbance in the 'christian music' world from whence they came, claiming proudly both their christianity and a more left-wing set of views. They released a full length and 3 demos and then changed their name to Killed By Cain only to release one album and then part ways. This was one of those albums that i bought repeatedly in different formats, so obviously that indicates something...  This hard rock, metal influenced(definitely of the thrash style), groove touched album (too short imho) was produced by Bride vocalist Dale Thompson. He also provided the spoken-word vocals in the first track, "Intro to Hypocrisy".

Bride fans of that time period should like this, though the vocalist of Killed By Cain was much more gravelly/abrasive than dale and the song writing was quite noticably different in many ways. the sound of the music itself was noticably more 'hard-nosed'.

1. Into the Hypocrisy 00:54
2. Burn The Church 03:09
3. Violence 03:46
4. Thou Shalt Not Kill 03:48
5. Gasoline 04:12
6. Jezebel 03:15
7. Father 04:47
8. Sin City 03:30
9. Walk The Line 03:58
10. Gun Control 03:47

Total playing time 35:06


  1. Años buscando este disco a 320 kb..!!! Muchas gracias..!!! Dios te bendiga..!!!!

  2. Eu tenho ele em .APE (Lossless), se alguém quiser, bastar pedir..

    1. por favor ...arranja ae em flac.
      Ficarei eternamente grato.