Saturday, July 25, 2015

Deracination - "times of atrocity" (1992 self released)

heard these guys on the radio back in the early 90's and immediately fell in love. took me the better part of a decade to get a copy of this cd.  the one track from the following demo (which also appeared on a Rowe compilation) let us in on the awesomeness of the next step for the band.  Very unfortunately i've only ever heard the one track.  if anyone has any info on that later demo please let me know. (of course i do realize that very few will read this, fewer will download this, and if over 8 years one person is a fan..well...we'll see)
and just because i'm such a fan(and hope you will be too!)...i've included the song 'fourth dimension' from the following demo. 

1. Never Coming Home 02:24
2. Perverted Dreams 03:05
3. Mankinds Search For God 04:28
4. Death by Fire 04:25
5. Decapitation 03:34
6. Blood Sacrifice 05:19
7. Demonic Destruction 02:54
8. Or You'll Die 03:24
9. Possessions of the World 03:47
10. Tormented by Darkness 03:56
11.***bonus track= fourth dimension*** not included 


  1. hahahaha! i have this CD for nostalgia reasons mainly. these guys were a funny bunch of bastards, Lotsa fun, if not terribly proficient musicians. I'm keen to track down their demo, pre-Deracination when they were called Holy Rite. It had this great tune called 'Mosh for the Master', with the lyrics "Mosh, mosh, mosh, mosh, mosh, mosh, mosh" etc...

  2. man oh man that sounds dreadful :)