Friday, July 31, 2015

WORLDHATE-"XATYA" (a.i.m.version 1999)

released in a ltd ed of 50 on cd-r just as a.i.musick went under.

very unfortunate timing, considering what an excellent release this is.
luckily it was released on cassette in a seemingly different version with different artwork in 2000 on black orchid. this is the info from black orchid:

024 WORLDHATE_"xatya" Indonesia cassette
borneo burning_abandoned edges_xatya 2k [I. land of confusion_II. desire to wake]_selamat malam sayang_
dark ambient/industrial from Indonesia. probably the most darkest release on black orchid.
[pro printed b&w cover] 4 euro [europe] / 5 usd [rest] *

this is an entirely different worldhate here...just as crazy as the change was from the techno/industrial experiments of "WOUND" to the harsh noise mind flaying of "self destruction art" as the change is one again here with a beautiful yet dark ambient album.
there's a little twitch remix added just because...

01 bornio burning.mp3
02 abandoned edges.mp3
03 xatya.mp3
04 selamat malam sayang.mp3


  1. Hi.. The link was expired since "megaupload" has been banned on internet. Can you reupload again to other link such as "mediafire", "fileswap", etc? Thanks.

  2. Hi.. This xatya download link was expired since the megaupload was banned. can you reupload them again? thx.

  3. sorry. i would love to. their entire catalogue is GREAT. its harder and harder to find reliable file hosting these days