Friday, August 14, 2015

Goat - "England's Satanic Mills:a requiem for the industrial revolution" (2003 snip-snip)

this one was a bitch to tag, but well worth it. this is a quite good concept album of harsh noise.
yay Goat!

review from AVERSIONLINE

1 Overture0:10
2 Analog Cathedral5:11
3 Rewiring The Electric Alter2:48
4 Circuitry Of Idols0:55
5 Cold Grey Dirge2:10
6 Metal Tabernacle Pt. I0:08
7 Metal Tabernacle Pt. II0:26
8 Metal Tabernacle Pt. III2:09
9 Alloy Creed6:21
Steel Communion
10 Infidels Of The Industrial Throne2:00
11 Fanfare Of The Hammer0:23
12 Awaken The Sleeping Factory0:22
13 Rusted Tears2:28
Funeral Procession
14 Tombs That Never Give Up The Dead1:05
15 Burial Rites0:21
16 Ritual Of The Journey0:13
17 Mute Prayers0:57
18 Too Late To Redeem0:20
19 Wandering The Stygian Shore0:53
20 Cold Grey Winds0:10
21 Sails Of Charon1:35
22 Mournful Sanctuary3:01
23 Damned For All Eternity0:25
24 The Mocking End5:16

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  1. Please reupload, this sounds very interesting!