Thursday, August 6, 2015

various artists covering other artists - "the mother of all tribute albums" (1998 hm records)

1. “Dogman” (Tourniquet)original by king's x2. “I Will Follow” (Doug Pinnick) original by u23. “Sunday Bloody Sunday” (Echo Hollow)original by u24. “Song To My Parents” (Spy Glass Blue)original by keith green5. “Hold Me Jesus” (Reflescent Tide)original by rich mullins6. “Do It For Love” (Justin Fox)original by the 77s7. “2112 Overture” (Paul Roraback)original by rush8. “Loud ‘N’ Clear” (Crimson Thorn)original by stryper9. “C’mon Rock” (Guardian)original by stryper10. “God Is Bigger” (The Channelsurfers)original by veggie tales11. “Message In A Bottle” (Blackball)original by the police12. “Water Grave” (Atomic Opera)original by the imperials13. “Cosmic Cowboy” (One Bad Pig)original by barry mcguire14. “It’s All Too Much” (The Violet Burning)original by the beatles15. “Jesus Freak” (Larry Norman)original by dc talk

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