Saturday, August 22, 2015

various artists - "Tribute to Living Sacrifice" (2001 clenched fist)

one of the rare tribute albums that really satisfies.
many different bands of many different styles, from thrash to black, to  doom, rework living sacrifice tracks from their first several years in the highest quality way.
most of the covers come from the early (imho best period of l.s.) recordings with some from 'reborn' as well. All of the bands doing covers here do a great job here however, each adding their own twist.
see artists and tracks covered below in the track list.
forget whatever belief system is attached...justly or not, this is some fantastic metal.

1 Mindrage - Haven of Blasphemy
2 Crutch - Breathing Murder
3 Mordecai - Not Beneath
4 Soul Embraced - Truth Solution
5 Gnashing of Teeth - No Longer
6 Kekal - Mind Distant
7 Crimson Thorn - Anorexia Spiritual
8 Soterios - Distorted
9 Clemency - In the Shadow
10 Mistral - Threatened
11 Dwell Beneath - Unseen
12 26days Til Freedom - Dealing With Ignorance
13 Dirge - ...To Nothing
14 Living Sacrifice - Desolate


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