Wednesday, February 1, 2012

various artists - "critical approaches to american music {first edition} (2001) *repost

*320kbps mp3 re-rip*
a very diverse set of remixes inspired by and using source from the anaphylaxis "american music" CD.
this is much in the vein of the remix compilations from aube (rewriting the book) and merzbow (Frog: Remixed & Revisited) and ulver (1993-2003: 1st Decade in the Machines)

styles range greatly from track to track and one has to wonder who the audience for this is as it is so broad, but its a fairly safe bet that those who dig on ambient,experimental, noise and other electronic forms will find a good bit to savor here.
an interesting album to check out, even if you don't have the original cd "american music" (but i'm going to post that here soon as well, as it is even more fun to check out both back to back)

many thanks to jason from Anaphylaxis for putting this whole thing together in the first place, let alone giving the world "Appendices", a collection of alternate and new mixes that didn't make the cd for time.
"appendices" is also included below.

1. Introduction: Of American Music (4:20)
Remix - Vok
2. Foreward: The First 100 Seconds (1:43)
Remix - Drekka
3.   American Tradition (4:51)
Remix - Xiphoid Dementia
4.   Slowly (Mix 44) (1:24)
Remix - Electronic God
5.   Drown Boy (3:18)
Remix - Lackthrow
6.   Mechanical Lovin' (2:27)
Remix - Nasakenai Donji
7.   Feedback Integration (Psycho Thriller Edit) (3:44)
Remix - Static:Soul
8.   Slowly (Remix) (3:40)
Remix - Therefore
9.   School Spirit (1:25)
Remix - MC Iedh
10.   Drowning (Third Time Down Mix) (4:49)
Remix - Porteur de l'Image
11.   School Spirit (1:06)
Remix - Disco Hump Sessions
12.   American Tradition (Epileptic Mix) (1:50)
Remix - Nothing Box
13.   Three Hundred Seconds
remix by Anaphylaxis (5:02)
14.   Morning Disintegration (4:48)
Remix - D-503
15.   Mechanical Chaos (1:52)
Remix - Zanrac
16.   Manipulate (5:02)
Remix - Mayfairgrin
17.   Hybrid Broadcast (db Bride Remix- Edit) (4:59)
Remix - Phroq
18.   Slowly (Seeing Me Mix) (2:49)
Remix - Remora (2)
19.   Vroom Of Doom (2:42)
Remix - Notphik
20.   Modified (4:29)
Remix - Andy Kisaragi
21.   The Last Thousand Seconds (4:45)
Remix - Joy Electric

Appendices (unused and/or alternate versions. archived by anaphylaxis):
1 "compound-complex (clean beat mix)" by Twitch
2 "compound-complex (remix)" by Spaztik
3 "drowned" by Lackthrow
4 "manipulate (original protest mix)" by Mayfairgrin
5 "hybrid broadcast (db bride remix)" by Phroq
6 "feedback integration (PsychoThrillerHeadTripHorrorMovie)" by static:soul


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