Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Internal Empty - "PURIFIER" (1999 alOne)

a handful of the first copies came in heavy packaging/special artwork(see 'corn' above)
a final 20 or so had different collages (as seen above)
another edition of about 35 had charcoal based artwork, each unique, but messy.
a couple of the tracks are single sourced,  (per the original I.E. method) some synth, some digital, some a combination of feedback, vocal and digital effects.
sold through distros, traded, and sold directly through alOne productions (for a short time).
soft spot in me ol' heart for some of the tracks here.
it is 74 minutes long in total, because that was the length of most cdrs back then.
[click on any image for a much larger version (recommended)]

*click on artwork for tracklistings*

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