Saturday, June 27, 2009

Aube - "Howling Obsession(revised)" (2002 manifold records)

source: small speaker

another fine release from aube and manifold records (r.i.p.)

From Booklet:

Originally Howling Obsession was to be released on a C40 cassette in a video box package (limited to 150 copies) on New Sonic Projection USA. However the label suddenly changed the plan and released it as a handmade CD-R (Limited Edition 20 copies) without any announcement. This Revised version has been remastered and the extra track "Howling Obsession Live", which has only ever been performed once was added.

1 Howling Obsession (17:56)
2 Replicate (1:58)
3 M.O.L. (13:58)
4 Ex-Terminal (5:57)
5 Howling Obsession Live 1997 (23:43)


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