Saturday, June 27, 2009

Richard Ramirez - "i keep my stuff inside" (1997 Tesco Organisation)

this is one of those releases you MUST buy 2 copies of or buy once and download as well.
the concept and packaging are the likes of which you keep on a shelf or in a box as a collector's item.
it came in a foldout-sleeve which is padlocked (which made it incredibly difficult to listen to). Includes a 2-sided A5 info-sheet. Limited edition of 500 copies.
the packaging aside, its a very interesting release musically as well, harsh noise passages, some vocals, sparse ambience, layered up analogue goodness, it really stands out (based upon sounds alone) amidst my Richard Ramirez collection. its a really 'different sounding' rr LP. definitely go and see if you can grab a copy on ebay. (as i'm sure most of you know, there's nothing quite like having the actual record)
*highly recommended
this wasn't released on manifold but that's how i became aware of it..yet another reminder of how i miss that label/distro.

1. i keep my stuff inside (25:33)
2. let me in (25:57)

192 kbps

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