Sunday, June 14, 2009

dismal IV


1. sturmast-my prayer is my inner armour
2. soul whirling somewhere-i give up, goodbye
3. coil-further back and faster
4. the unquiet void-in the garden(black tape for a blue girl cover)
5. audio paradox-consumed
6. xiphoid dementia-logic
7. internal empty-ennui (remix)
8. burzum-Die Kraft Des Mitgefuhls
9. tara vanflower- i lost the moon
10. me myself & i-things saved for a rainy day
11. john weise-no bears
12. a hymn for her- the passing of the spirit
13. joe colley(crawl unit)- reversal for high speed paralysis
14. navicon torture technologies-white oleander
15. tribes of neurot/neurosis-eve


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