Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Precious Death - "SOUTHPAW" (1993 Metro One)

This album is fabulous-a masterpeace! After wearing out their "Our Stinking Demo" tape, I was anxious to get the full length disc, which only has one song off the demo ("Force Fed"). The first song starts out with a HEAVY Metallica crunch but mixes in the extraordinary vocals of Chris Scott, who is one of the most unique vocalists ever. "Shine" totally changes style, going for a heavy funk sound mixing it with California thrash. I absolutely love this album. It is one of my all time favorites.
**ed: i couldn't agree fact, my review of this album would no doubt be more shining.
trust me and take a chance, this is really great stuff!

5.Strange to me04:59
6.Talk about the Weather06:32
7.King of Siam04:57
8.Force Fed05:33
9.One Day to Live04:23


  1. hell yes i love this record!!! thanks for posting this man!

  2. Great album. They had a pretty cool demo before this called "Our Stinkin' Demo". I have that on mp3 if you want copy of it. There was also a cassette after this one called "Some New Songs" with... well... some pre-production versions of new songs off the next album, a demo from this album, and an unreleased song. I have never heard that one, but I would love to some day.

  3. yes i would love it if you could mail it to me
    thanks a bunch. i've known about it forever but didn't get ahold of anything of theirs until the southpaw cass. came out (and a few comp. appearances)