Friday, December 10, 2010

Lackthrow - "...sheep as wolves" (2003) *repost*

review from noise vomit webzine (
*translated by google*

"At first I was a little surprised how big this albom: still 1 hour and 12 minutes - a lot. She just wanted to harsh noise, but my expectations were not fulfilled, then something is not something that was already used.
If we draw an analogy with other genres, I would choose sludge and doom, it is too viscous and low sound selected here for the main. In prinitspe some tracks drag on the power elctronics, such as "the last amidst the corrupted throngs", which is made by a vocal, more precisely, its different variations. Atmospheric and somber thing.
The album as a whole is full and varied, as it may seem, it is made on one note, there are many different techniques, there are even some music. insertion, frequency diversity and vocal outbursts. The longest track lasts eighteen minutes, the shortest - one. Depression, anger, emptiness, alienation.
Other albums of this fellow I did not listen, but this one I liked.
1. lackofvision
2. lighten up baby, it's only me
3. the last amidst the corrupted throngs
4. my dying day is on the horizon
5. lacerated ego
6. my best days are behind me
7. the sweetest of sweet hearts
8. lackthropy
9. leaving everything behind


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