Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Echoing Green - "defend your joy" (1994 MYX records)

2 versions of this cd came out.  both had the same tracklist, but only the edition issued in the cardboard sleeve (which is presented here) contained the bonus tracks listed.
the echoing green has changed its sound considerably over the years and while this early release does sound a bit dated...to my ears its that good kind of dated. (make of that what you will)
produced by ronnie martin (of joy electric fame) and released on scott blackwell's old label....
defend your joy

1. Ocean Chorus 1:21
2. 2nd Chance 4:10
3. Son In My Eyes 4:21
4. Terra Firma (Stand) 4:56
5. Enter Love 4:18
6. Defend Your Joy 4:24
7. Pray 5:08 (underworld cover)
8. Brand New Day 3:29
9.Arrival 3:53
10. Stay Awake 4:21

CD Bonus
11. Deep Inside Your Heart (Remyx) 4:34
Remix by Q
12. Terra Firma (Stand) (Remyx) 6:17


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