Friday, December 3, 2010

sickness/ taint/skin crime - "behind the smile" (2001 Self Abuse Records)

though i dare not post the album, i strongly recommend you try to buy it.
if you buy one noise album this year...make it this one.
yes, i realize this is almost a decade old, but holy shit its solid.
the sickness tracks alone make it worth the purchase imo.
harsh noise spanning a few different styles, most definitely worth the dough.

1. Taint - Stop Crying 3:37
2. Taint - I Wish I Hadn't Harmed Her 5:49
3. Taint - Sperma Brutal 5:39
4. Skin Crime - You're My Wife Now 15:55
5. Sickness - The Abuse We Do Part I 7:04
6. Sickness - Won't Be Me 6:49
7. Sickness - The Abuse We Do Part II 10:44


  1. dunno, just checked RRR, they don't seem to have it, but someone must. try ebay or the first couple of pages of a yahoo search or something.
    of course i think this was only in 100 copies...
    ninth circle might have one...