Friday, December 10, 2010

dj scott blackwell - "clubhouse" (1996 n•soul records)

a continuous dj mix which plays as one track, though it is cut for cd into 3 tracks.
caters more to the 'house' side of the label at the time.

“Mixed live by DJ Scott Blackwell - July 1995, N•Soul studios, Los Angeles, CA. Recorded digitally to enhance listener euphoria.” 

1 Scott Blackwell - Scott’s Intro 1:01
2a Paradigm Shift - Grip 5:21
2b Rhythmsaints - Love Will See Us Through 3:41
2c AJ Mora - Something Dubby 4:19
2d Crystal Lewis - I Now Live (Essential Collection Remix) 6:43
2e AJ Mora - I Found Something Real (Mijangos Harmony Mix) 3:17
2f Hydro - Rain Maker (The Nutter Stomp Mix) 3:48
2g Hydro - Touch The Spirit (The 303 Dream Topping Mix) 5:33
3a Rhythmsaints - (I Need To Feel) Your Love 4:57
3b Scott Blackwell (Myx Trip 2) - Get On Up 5:11
3c AJ Mora - I Lift My Hands 3:10
3d Scott Blackwell (Myx Trip 2) - Oh Happy Day 4:47
3e Rhythmsaints - Living Joy (Calvin Chambers Remix) 6:47
3f AJ Mora - Rapture (C-mon Lift Me Up) (The Dub) 3:52
3g Scott Blackwell (Myx Trip 2) - Amen 3:15
3h Scott Blackwell - X Factor 3:45

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  1. Thank you! I have been looking for this album for a long time. N-Soul has a jacked up website and Itunes does not carry it. This was one of my favorite techno discs from 13 years ago. Thank you so much for posting the link for the download!