Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Drakh - "bethlehem" (2010 Essence Music)


1. Norrsken 7:12
2. Confusing Fact 2:11
3. View Over Tuscany 9:40
4. Too Late To Visit Asia 3:13
5. Indiana 4:12
6. The Industrial Estate 3:09
7. On A Plane From Missoula 2:26
8. Back From Madrid 6:34
9. Rebirth 4:36
10. Bethlehem 5:15
11. Walk Of Life 4:29

Track notes:
1. North: Heading north for some calm. Exploring.
2. Freeway: Following directions. Driving.
3. Morning: The sun shinres through the mist covering the hills of Tuscany. Unfolding.
4. Tokyo, Seoul: Now it's too late. The visit that never happened. Mourning.
5. Puzzled: No vacation. Cornfield.
6. Tax Free: Eleven days of rain. Grey island of green.
7. Escape: View from above. Mountains and Mormons.
8. Relief: Six degrees of smoking. Viva Suecia.
9. Progress: What's next?
10. Religion and Steel: School bus going south on freeway 412.
11. Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer: Continue. Check.

****also released in an astonishing Special Edition of 99 hand numbered copies.
Packaged in a special textured box, that opens like a book, with an accordion-like panel, that opens to reveal eleven large pieces of artwork. Includes a bonus 3"CDr, mounted to the inside cover with 4 remixes by the likes of Cordell Klier, Nordvargr, K.Meizter & Des Esseintes.

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