Wednesday, June 12, 2013

luti-kriss - 5ep (2000 pluto records)

amazing debut ep from Luti-Kriss.
after a full-length on tooth-n-nail they changed their name to norma jean and well...quite frankly, damn neary everyone knows the story from there... full on metalcore...ish stars.

this e.p. sounds like nothing after it and that is certainly a treat rather than a bad thing.  here on this e.p. in particularly tracks 1 and 5 we are treated to track so reminiscent of various eras of the deftones (one of my all time faves, track one is very reminiscent of first era) that even the fan might not be able to tell the difference.  a rap-core sensibility is felt in other places...alongside the screaming metal of releases to come.  fans of the new would probably love this and folks who don't really dig on norma jean may very well like this a great deal as well. tremendous little piece of plastic this.


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