Wednesday, June 19, 2013

various artists - "ballistic test error" (1997 flaming fish music/ballistic test productions)

considering that the tape tore from the spool & i had to open the plastic casing, cut & reassemble the cassette & then rip, i sincerely hope someone appreciates my effort.  Even more i would love for someone else who has this tape to make their own (alternate) rip. i'd be thrilled to post it here. 

old (and quite naive) review from btzine:

track listing:
Bonescan - Out of the Grave // Signal Bleed - Unidentified: Specimen 1 // Fester - Leashed // White Trash Inc. - Gun Rack for My Pick-Up (Live) // Weltwasher - Bart's Nightmare // Powerlab - Jerusalem 2000 // Anaphylaxis - Furnace (A Well-Oiled Machine) // Twitch - Blame (Frail Pre-Mix) // Dendrography - Kinderscopic Transfiguration
Out on the fringes of the musical universe there is an industrial subgenre known as experimental/noise. Consisting mostly of samples of various machinery, unusual electronic effects, and minimal, heavily distorted vocals, this is industrial music in its purest, most literal form.On this installment of the Ballistic Test series, the listener is treated to a sampling of eight up-and-coming experimental/noise bands. While not as diverse as genre big guns Blackhouse or Mental Destruction, the bands here are impressive nonetheless. Personal favorites include Bonescan's ethereal "Out of the Grave," "Gun Rack For My Pick-up", a live recording by White Trash Inc., and Powerlab's "Jerusalem 2000," which features some interesting chanting. Other notable tracks include Weltwasher's "Bart's Nightmare," which features dance beats and samples from "The Simpsons" TV show, and "Furnace (A Well-Oiled Machine)" by Ananphylaxis, which sounds just like its title.
While this strange sound may not be for everyone, the bands on Ballistic Test Error provide a good starting point for those interested in the experimental/noise sound.

--James McGinnis


  1. rare & excellent ! thx

  2. Hello again. Any chance of a re-upload?

  3. oh yes! i very much hope so! since my original tape is beyond use at this point, i just have to track down my rip. i made several copies. (though you'd expect that i'd try to bury it as deep as i could) it has to be around somewhere.