Sunday, June 30, 2013

militia/con-dom - "scorched earth policy" split (2002 old europa cafe)

originally released in 1995, on the same label, as a cassette.
1Con-DomAll Is Fair In Love And War (6:20)
2Con-DomPower Is Nothing Without Control (1:51)
3Con-DomTotally Devoid Of Faith (5:06)
4Con-DomPurge II (Victory To The Goddess) (5:11)
5Con-DomUtterly Devoid Of Faith (2:38)
6Con-DomButchers Call To Arms (6:24)
7Militia Volkslied (2:00)
8Militia Zege Hymne (11:04)
9Militia Omoucinu (5:21)
10Militia Dresden (3:10)
11Militia Reveille (5:38)
12Militia Glockenspiel (Live Version) (6:46)
13Militia Necronomicon (Live Version) (4:35)


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