Thursday, October 31, 2013

worldhate-"disharmonichaos '98" (1998 selfreleased)

another cassette from worldhate that i ripped myself ages ago. this one is quite different and the title is quite fitting. the vocals, frantic drumming, harsh mind melting noise and techno elements from other releases are nowhere to be found here. this one seems as if its more improvised and uses an odd set of 'instruments' often including a heap of keyboards. i suppose you could say it gets a bit 'noodly' at some points.(part II becomes way more fun as an experience than you think it is as a track at the start, really trippy) Still fun, though this is probably my least favorite WORLDHATE release. see for youself what you think, i'm quite interested in hearing your opinions on this one.

1.disharmonichaos 98 a1
2.disharmonichaos 98 b1
3.disharmonichaos II
4.disharmonichaos III

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