Thursday, October 3, 2013

Queaerns / analspermshit - "split" (2002)

short but definitely not sweet:)
i really don't know an awful lot of particulars on this release now (thanks for failing me, memory)
but its a weird little
split between  Queaerns (eris never died) and analspermshit(jason campbell/i am that i am)
just rediscovered after many years, i can't even recall how long...

its worth a shot, esp. for its length. come on. whirly bird.

1.queaerns - queaerns is love
2.queaerns - caprinae caprini capra aegagrus
3.queaerns - glossolalia 1
4.queaerns - glossolalia 2
5.queaerns - caprinae queaernus
6.anal spermshit - i hope you die with a baseball up your ass
7.anal spermshit - kiss my anal sludge
8.anal spermshit - sky fuck bomb
9.anal spermshit - this track is noise, not noisecore!

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