Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bride - Live! Volume 1 (1999 Self)

This item is rare, as only 2,500 were produced.  (not at all rare by noise standards eh?)

for being as old as it is, you might think it'd have some of the great bride songs on it or at least, you know, great stuff from the golden era...late 80's/early 90's...but..... anyway, this is something completely unexpected...which is a good surprise once in a while for sure.  
anyway, its good, as always from bride...but i must admit...this easily goes into my 'not so much mah fave bride box'   

but personal taste, we all know how that goes.
i'm still on that this is very worth having tho.

"Intro." – 0:34
"I Aint Coming Down" – 2:35
"If I told You It Was The End Of The World" – 4:20
"The Worm" – 4:47
"I Found God" – 4:48
"Under The Blood" – 4:48
"Day By Day" – 4:13
"If I Live For You" – 3:32
"Why Won't He Break" – 4:10
"End" – 4:56
"No Drugs" – 0:25
"It's Only When I'm Left Alone" – 4:08
"He Never Changes" – 0:07
"I Love You" – 3:05
"Amazing Grace" – 3:57
"The Big Black Motor" – 0:42
"Jesus On The Mainline" – 3:02
"I Have Decided" – 3:16
"Dale's Sermon" – 9:05
Tracks 1-9 recorded at The Christmas Rock Night Festival in Germany, December 1998.
Tracks 10-14 recorded on the Fall 1998 Brazil Tour.
Tracks 15-18 recorded at The King's Palace, Columbus, OH, 11-21-98.
Track 19 recorded at Cornerstone 1997


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