Thursday, October 31, 2013

armageddon holocaust - "into total destruction" (2000 THT Productions)

i loved the hell out of this album when it came out.
still dig it alot today. its pretty fast and noisy.
this is the debut of this project from Jefray Arwadi of Kekal and WORLDHATE.

1. Morbid Preludium
2. The Seven Churches of Apokalypse
3. Visions of a Coming Death
4. Signs of Death
5. Destroying the Destroyers
6. Countdown to Destruction
7. Seven Bowls of Wrath
8. Doom of Babylon
9. Traces to the Second Death
10. Feasting Upon the Kings Corpses
11. Armageddon Holocaust
12. Morbid Eternal Suffering