Monday, December 15, 2008

Aube - "Data-X" (2002 g.r.o.s.s.)

originally limited to 150 copies, on cdr, packaged inside a 5" floppy on aube's own g.r.o.s.s. in 2002.
the single source for the recording is also a 5" floppy disc, and the entire cd reeks of pre-computer boom digital sound wankery.
conceptual to be sure, every track is 12 minutes long and also named 12.00.
one could justifiably consider this disc uberglitch, as it literally is just that...but with the Aube touch.  it revels in the oft-used techniques that Aube employs- very structured rise and fall of sound, layers, near-silence building into a painful swell, and definite patterned manipulation of the single source used.  you will, no doubt, repeatedly doubt the integrity of your speakers or headphones when listening to this disc though the use of stereomanipulation will likely tip you off that this was intended to sound exactly as it does.  it is definitely uncomfortable sound, quite noisy, but it takes an ambient approach.
certainly, this is not one of my favorite aube releases (and my god, do i have a load of them) but its interesting, quite rare and worth an exploration. 
somewhere inbetween the birth and apocalyptic demise of computer chips....enjoy...or think...or satisfy curiosity...or...whatever. here you go, but be warned, it may just drive you mad.

{82 mb mp3}

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