Tuesday, December 2, 2008



a hymn for her -intro (live)
hakobune-melting reminiscence
him-song or suicide(live)
cranes-la ceremonie(remix)
paramaecium-sogno di morti
virgin black-and the kiss of gods mouth(remix)
dahlia's tear-can't go on another moment
sopor aeturnus-...and bringer of sad (remix)
a hymn for her-mourning hope
black seas of infinity-lucitathan
the ruins of beverast-god sent no sign
intaglio-wind of autumn
towards darkness-alone
towards darkness-nine faces

Unfortunately, the tracklisting for the remaining 16 minutes was lost...
BUT i believe some of these are included. my apologies for the mix up.

rot in despair-Laughing All The Way To The Crematorium (remix)
nightsky bequest-bequest (remix)
worship-zorn a rust-red scythe
and a couple more unidentified tracks. again, technology and the human both messed up this time 'round.

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