Thursday, December 4, 2008

various artists- "cataclystic fracture volume 2" (deadline recordings 2005)

74 tracks on one pro pressed cd with a plastic sleeve and b/w poster fold-out insert.
this disc is diverse, but it does carry a more NOISE harsh flavor.

look up deadline recordings and see if you can still buy one, good luck.

note from "mk9 track is incomplete and cut short with another track continuing in the middle to the end. "

1 Reallovedestroys -Diagram For Measurements
2 Crawling Iris -Fait Accompli
3 XV Parówek -Untitled
4 Diagram: A -Voters
5 Pop Culture Rape Victim -Enamel
6 Circuit Wound -Another Dead Planet
7 Khan Guil -Collateral Damage
8 Concrete Violin -Lockdown
9 Cock E.S.P. -The Best Band On This Compilation
10 Bran (Another Plight Of Medic's...) Pos, The* -Most Ordinary
11 Prurient -The Ruins Of My Life
12 T.E.F. -Untitled
13 Eugenics Council -Deseree
14 III -Fractal
15 Xome -Shitugyou
16 Human Is Filth -Decency
17 Antibody -Prelude To Colonoscopy
18 Emulsion -Genrecide
19 Astrogenic Hallucinauting -The Attack
20 Steel Hook Prostheses -Sterile
21 NxFxTxEx  -XZ64-24
22 DCLXVI -Scream Of The Mechanical Rabbit
23 Secret Geography, The -Some Obsessions Are Worth More Than A Liftime Of Hopes And Dreams
24 A Pink Cloud -Feel Scan 2
25 Crash At Every Speed -Strawberry And Dogflies
26 Disturbios -Death Knell
27 Human Bone Bicycle Sciences Industries -Radiopaque Barium Sulfate
28 Foutredieu!!!  -Black Sade-Bath
29 Puking Concrete Gardens -Abscessed Rebel Moon
30 Monoid -Untitled
31 Robert Warner -Red Knots
32 Praying Gods -Teeter Totter
33 Purple Rinse Paradise Parade -Bologna Paisley With Eek
34 Architectura -Sonitus Vidor, TX
35 Inhalant -Genocide Pill
36 Black Sand Desert -Rip Pigs
37 Stolen Light -Once Again
38 Ruthless Homogenizer -Zut
39 Guilty Connector -Fraud Rebirth
40 Noisebitch -I Don't Trust Smiling Faces Anymore
41 Spit+Smudge -Fumbling My Words WIth A Razorblade
42 In The Land Of Archers -Slice Of The Sun
43 Stegm -Shutter
44 Muzak -Theme Song
45 Battery Suspects -In The Corner Of The Room
46 Lysogeny -You've Fucked With Me For The Last Time
47 Immaculate:Grotesque -Walk
48 Crank Sturgeon -One Hun & 20
49 Metrocide -Cattle Rattle
50 Baptist Skin Communiti -Set It Off
51 MK9 -Pretense
52 Metax II -My God Has A Bigger Dick Than Your God
53 Lackthrow -Weaker
54 Viodre -Cataclastic Fractures
55 Filthy Turd -Be A Winning Turd
56 Sickness -Disintegrate
57 Stimbox -That's It
58 Two Assistant Deputy Ministers -Taken To The Cleaners
59 Dee Gee Min Og Dog -Misnomer
60 Yung Lee -Not Yet
61 Chrysalis -Guinea Pig
62 Are The Volcanoes Still Active? -Reef
63 Bull Anus -Baby Shit
64 Facialmess -England 1 0 Argentina
65 Mitchell -Untitled
66 R.H.Y. Yau -Hazard
67 Frybrain -My 2.5 Inches
68 Murex -Who
69 Ice Pornette -Bodily Functions
70 ze'rØ-sum -The Cradle Downstairs
71 Nautilus Deconstruction, The -Untitled
72 Big City Orchestra -Dead Powerfull
73 Anatomy Of A Blackout -Metachromaticism
74 Tearing The Wings Off Flies -Halo Made

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