Saturday, September 26, 2009

Augur / Wilt - "Navigations" (2001 Solipsism)

ltd.ed. of 100

1-01WiltBecoming (13:21)
1-02WiltAs the Spirits Tread the Earth (9:22)
1-03WiltFading Between Two Worlds (10:39)
1-04WiltDragging a Hollow Compass (3:59)
1-05WiltFrom Machine Made Man to Silent Coasts (6:21)
1-06WiltForming the Sensual Plight of Monsters (2:55)
1-07WiltSailing in the Dark to Reach Infinite Light (5:02)
1-08WiltInsight Into Complex Thought (5:37)
1-09WiltA Rolling Universe (3:37)
1-10WiltTranscending Without Direction (3:56)
1-11WiltA Loss of Navigation (2:53)
2-01AugurNo Maps No Moon Nor Stars (10:45)
2-02AugurSet a Salvaged Sail (3:41)
2-03AugurApproaching the Edge of the World (12:27)
2-04AugurThe Continents Reconfigure (15:53)
2-05AugurSome Afflicting Call (8:43)
2-06AugurNavigation By Navel (3:47)


  1. Whoa. Thank you. I have a copy of of this, and it's a favorite of mine. Thing is, my copy quit playing some time ago (due to age/corruption, I guess) and my attempts to salvage it yielded nada.

  2. that's just the worst when that happens. i have had that happen to several discs i've bought over the years.