Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Tale of Less - "Sinister Aesthetic" (2003)

A Tale of Less = jonas lindberg[SWE](Slow Burning/Rabid Eye Movement/Mörkermännen/Black Pope/Insatsenheten/Skärbrännaren) *WEBSITE*
and andrew powell[USA](alamoth, a hymn for her, twitch, miss blackchurch,internal empty, dj non, lackthrow)

source material was sent back and forth, edited and worked repeatedly, final mix and track title provided by each artist on every other track.

11.sinister dreams
13.a life in flames
15.the death of a hummingbird
16.rotate 50 degrees err is human
18.attrition judge is divine
20.the steady rumble of the earth raging
21.that's it, i'm leaving

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