Thursday, September 17, 2009

Various - "Four Years In 30 Seconds" (1998 Dirter Promotions)

2Band Of PainAcid
3RLWKitnabudja Kid
4Stefan JaworzynI Am The King Of Goth! Look Upon My Works, Ye Assholes, And Despair!
5Satori Tongue Cracked Dry
6BeequeenEdie's Second Sun
7Idea Fire CompanyNone But The First Rate Workmen Will Meet With Encouragement
8Dual Drimon Drmn
11Paul GommersallMmmm...strange
12ContrastatePoodles In Practice Dress At The Battersea Dogs Opera
13Lee RanaldoFirst Computer Piece
15IncapacitantsMutual Fund Explosion
16PestrepellerMaximum Yak Satisfaction
17Inversion1:1 Safety
18Business MachinesLatex
19The Pickle Factory Update
20East Of The SunTorcross
21The Shadow RingThe Way Of The World (Part 2)
22HeadbuttTerrible Noise Bringer

23Illusion Of SafetyCenter
24KonstruktivistsBlack Mass
25Nurse With WoundTranscribe And Dictate (Heavy Trad)

26.-50. each track reversed

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