Monday, September 21, 2009

The Residents - "Gingerbread Man" (1994 Euro Ralph)

1 The Weaver: The Fool And The Death-maker Die Alone (3:52)
2 The Dying Oilman: Blinded By The Hostages Of Fortune (3:13)
3 The Confused Transsexual: Stamen And Pistallate Together Again (3:12)
4 The Sold-Out Artist: Black Are The Legs Inside The White Sepulcher (3:47)
5 The Ascetic: Shadows Doubt The Strength Of The Sun (4:07)
6 The Old Soldier: Safety Sells, But War Always Wins (3:31)
7 The Aging Musician: Narcissus Knows No One Naked (4:51)
8 The Butcher: The Flesh Of Animals Angers Anew... And Moos (3:04)
9 The Old Woman: Kissless Are The Isolated, Rootless Are Their Tongues (4:32)
10 Ginger's Lament (2:23)

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