Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Tale of Less - "Empathy Bleeder" (2003)

debut collab from the A Tale of Less project.
A Tale of Less = jonas lindberg[SWE](Slow Burning/Rabid Eye Movement/Mörkermännen/Black Pope/Insatsenheten/Skärbrännaren) WEBSITE
and andrew powell[USA](alamoth, a hymn for her, twitch, miss blackchurch,internal empty, dj non, lackthrow)

source material was sent back and forth, edited and worked repeatedly, final mix and track title provided by each artist on every other track.

01 inter feces et urinam nascimur
02 procreation, eviceration, incineration (or how the world failed at flight)
03 fluid motions
04 small, plastic, toy heart
05 aesthetic diversion
10 enough hate to end the world
06 agonized smile
07 crow
08 divining spirits as if the king:a tale of less
09 Ordure Amons
isolation tank[editmix by j.l.] (inter_feces_et_urinam_nascimur)


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