Friday, September 23, 2011

metanoia - "don't walk dead" (1998 rowe productions)

1. First the Kingdom 3:12
2. Path 4:51
3. Don't Walk Dead 4:31
4. By His Word 4:48
5. The Blame 6:50
6. Yowie's Hilltop Adventure 8:01
7. Can You Feel It 3:44
8. Reflection 1:35
9. Grave Beyond a Slave 5:32
10. Threshold of the Annihilation 6:44
11. Kneeling Before Your Throne 4:25
12. Never 3:43
13. Bonus Track 3:09  (could have been really awesome, but the samples make it a far more silly affair than it should have been, you have to hear it)

*my two cents: pretty good album (compared)...australian death metal w/some didgeridoo...why not?!  still, i couldn't help but desire more of what i heard from metanoia during their 'akeldama' phase.  on its own, this isn't a bad entry in their catalogue.  the spoken vocals here are used far better than in the follow up album, but still seem strangely out of place. the strange 'add ons' and organ stuff is very welcome. this album is much better than its (pretty awful) cover artwork might suggest....but that's just my two cents.*

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