Friday, September 23, 2011

Metanoia - "in darkness or in light" (1995 Rowe Productions)

1. Accute Obliteration (4:30)
2. Enslavement (4:36)
3. In Darkness or In Light (8:06)
4. On and On (4:19)
5. Dead Flesh (3:21)
6. Dimensions of Life (5:06)
7. Son of Man (4:10)
8. Torn By Dogs (3:31)
9. Death of Death (5:54)
10. Seventh Seal (8:34)


*my two cents: quite sure i'm in the minority here, but i didn't care for the more 'classic metal' influences on this one.  that being said, save for track 10 its a pretty good album.  if i had to be nit-picky...which i don't have to be but am anyway, i wish it were a little heavier on the 'death' than the 'metal' still....not bad, most tracks are incredible actually.  what the hell do i know...just my two cents.

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