Friday, September 23, 2011

Metanoia - "time to die" (1999 Rowe Productions)

1. Smashed 4:53
2. Paradise 4:47
3. Now Listen Up 3:52
4. Judge Me Not 4:14
5. Offensive 3:23
6. Time to Die 5:25
7. Corpses 3:53
8. Raped to Reality 3:29
9. Fade 4:04
10. Is To Be Free 3:03
11. Lack of Life 4:21
12. Feeling the Fire 3:52
13. Blyth 4:20
14. Lucifers Seductions 3:20
*my two cents:  when i first bought this album(their final album as it turned out) i was a bit disappointed. the overall tone was 'lighter' than was my fave metanoia stuff from the earlier i judged.  the music was more experimental, throwing in elements of groove, punk, black, death, spoken vocals, thrash, and even a little tiny touch of rapcore(DID NOT WORK, but good on 'em for trying) to their metal stew...again i judged.  overall i walked away with a more negative impression of the album that it deserves...tracks like (ironically titled?) 'judge me not' are a perfect example (really, this track is tremendously horrid).  after re-listening some before these posts its clear to me now that tracks like 'judge me not' are very much akin to the proverbial 'rotten apple' that spoils the barrel.  there is a ton of great material on this album, unfortunately the duds really stand out.  so yeah...this isn't early metanoia, but it isn't as shit as the couple of duds on the album, don't let those couple of horrible tracks taint the entire project like i did. then again, hey, that's just my two cents*

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