Friday, September 23, 2011

metanoia - "screaming fetus" (1994 self)

1. death of death
2. dead flesh
3. torn by dogs
4. Decomposition-Reconstitution (Valley of Dry Bones)
5. ripped in two
6. screaming fetus


*my two cents:  solid as solid gets. this is a fantastic heavy ass death metal tape.  however, there's one track here found to be really lacking...the title track of all things.   ordinarily i'd like the spice of different vocal styles and additional lady singin', but on this track...oh HELL NO. sorry, its just no good.  politics aside, the sung parts are awfully melodramatic. the shouted vocals also point out that the less clear metanoia's vocals are the better. musically the song is fine, but...ah screw it, just my two cents. 

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