Sunday, November 17, 2013

Maim - "carrion banquet" (2005 Chimera)

MAIM: "Carrion Banquet" cdr (chimera010)
from the label website:
"Maim brings even more chaos and destruction. Expect nothing less than another worthful load of his trademark crunchy, devastating walls of noise and distortion. Nonstop fleshripping mayhem with no breaks or chill-out passages for all you losers out there.
digital print directly on disc
color handmade cardboard slipcase"

0 bonus Contestant #1 (Amputeen)
1.   Swarm
2.   Burnt To A Cinder
3.   War In The Hive
4.   Godmaker
5.   Levelled Beauty
6.   E.M.S.
7.   Rebuilding The Fist / Carrion Banquet


buy (chimera website is gone)

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