Saturday, November 2, 2013

various artists - "Tape Heads volume one:STAND UP" (1998 haltapes) *re-post

Audio works by hometapers from Canada, Czech Republic, England, Indonesia, Italy, The Netherlands, and USA

A1 Manster Red Stick (3:23)
A2 Hal McGee Independent S.O.B. (4:43)
A3 Ruhr Hunter Gallows (4:37)
A4 Merrick McKinlay The Red Sparrow (3:25)
A5 Don Campau Monterey Road Fever (4:01)
A6 If, Bwana Sentinel Farms (For Piano) (4:50)
A7 The Implicit Order Static Rumble Lucid Dreaming (5:10)
A8 Dave Fuglewicz Klein's Bottle (4:32)
A9 The Violet Grind Greenfields (3:04)
A10 Carnal Hedron Coitus One Last Fuck Up (4:44)
B1 Flatline Construct Ersatz (3:02)
B2 The Teleflood Project Telecommunications Detox (4:22)
B3 De Fabriek Slow Hop (3:07)
B4 Napalmed Nap Hal Med (4:42)
B5 Eddy Rollin Band In Memory Of Mary Ellen McKeon (5:06)
B6 Dan Susnara Pop Objects (3:07)
B7 Worldhate Kuasa Doa (4:33)
B8 Wagstaff Fist From A Sea/ Degredation (3:18)
B9 Neandertal Other Signal To Paranoia (3:12)
B10 Concrete 4:28:98:5:6:98 (4:59)
B11 HKO Abduction (4:48)


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