Sunday, November 3, 2013

worldhate - "transformation impact" (1997 Ballistic Test/flaming fish music)

a remix (original found on their debut "WOUND"), an alternate version (original found on "EGODESTROYER"), and a few original pieces.   'transformation impact' taps into the 3 previously displayed sides of worldhate with great ease.    awesome stuff, but this wasn't the end, there was so much more to come...


this is an old review ....which is kind of...special  :

"Worldhate, from Indonesia, sounds like a cross between Blackhouse and Gadget with a smidge of Joy Electric thrown in for good measure. The opening track "Blurred Visions" starts out fun as campy synths mix with mechanical percussion and static noises. After a few minutes an unwelcome, grating ending rears its ugly head. The second track is pure experimental noise with sequencing of loud machine sounds and little variation. According to the lyrics on the tape cover, this track is supposed to have vocals (the only one) but I can't seem to uncover them anywhere in the thick wall of sound. "Tranquilized by Chaos" is an appropriate name for the fourth song as tranquil ambient synths are disrupted and overtaken by chaotic mechancial noises. It reminds me a lot of "The Insane Creatures of My Mind" by Twitch on Escape the Furnace. And like that song, the serenity was nice while it lasted. At the end of the tape, the band redeems itself with a strong performance of danceable industrial noise in "The Renewal". This is my favourite song on the tape. Although, there are some great moments within these five songs, there aren't enough of them and they don't last through an entire song. Nonetheless, this band deserves a look by fans of Blackhouse and other similar noise bands.
--Richard Maaranen"

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  1. I've got this tape. It was probably the first noise/experimental recording I ever bought. Thanks for putting it in a format I can listen to again!