Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cradle->Grave - "moths" (1997)

cradle->grave was an instant fave of mine. they produced some truly amazing work in their short life.
*calm down, its only an opinion*
some of their songs really blow off the socks.

a review of this indie release from the old ballistic test zine:

"This short demo tape features three enjoyable songs that are clearly distinctive from one another. "Freedomslave" begins with simple piano keys, dark ambient synths, drums and distorted spoken word. The synth and percussion layers soon build in complexity and aggressiveness to run the song through its course. Lyrics question the concept of freedom and whether or not it is just a disguised form of slavery. "You are of Broadest Skies" creates a noticeably darker atmosphere with flowing melancholy ambient synths that carry a slight edge, comfortable mechanical percussion, and soft whispers. This is an appropriate and poignant requiem for a departed loved one indeed. The third song is entitled "Moths". While the song does have a seemingly slow intro with just bongos and minimalistic synth effects, it is well worth the effort to pay attention. C->G here again demonstrates patience and the ability to incorporate different layers progressively. The tribal percussion is soon joined by a nice clashing symbol and sweet soothing synths. The only lyrics to this song speak these words of wisdom "What moth is not drawn to the flame, and whose wings are not tapered by the luring light?" With these three songs, C->G performs smooth, dark electro-industrial that leaves me thirsty for more.
--Richard Maaranen"

1. freedomslave
2. you are of broadest skies
3. moths

*many thanks to warren wheeler from c->g for this rip*


  1. This makes me wanna upload all of my Automata releases. I didn't know anyone else out there enjoyed this kind of stuff. So glad to see that it is being preserved in some sort of way. Thanks!