Monday, April 9, 2012

Internal Empty - "Brutalis" (1997 a.i.musick)

(cassette fold)

yeah yeah yeah, Internal Empty has been around for 15 years. (pre-dating lackthrow even)
who knew?
cdr reissue of the cassette w/ a little extra material. ltd.ed. of 30
following "anomie" this is the second internal empty release.

1.we love to hear percussion
2.the nephilim: blinded by the light of his countenance
3. worldhate(rewerk) *cd only*
4. earth circuitry
6. the infinite power of adonai
7. beware the sonics
8. in a vacuum
9. reanimation
10. turn the beat around
11. the holy breath of god
12. pulminary merge *cd only*

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