Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tourette - "Parmi Les Pierres Éclatées" (2005 Harshnoise)

typically great release from the Harshnoise label. (<--buy tons of KILLER stuff here on the cheap!)
this time its the dynamic harsh noise of tourette, one of his best, imho.
i've always liked tourette, and you're about to see why.
(as if being labeled 'emo-noise' myself wasn't strange enough, it was weird, a year or so later, to see tourette referred to in the same manner.  kinda cool? *shrugs*)

1 Le Silence Des Étoiles 0:51
2 Suite Basaltique 4:10
3 Nymphe 3:37
4 Le Chemin Frugal 6:33
5 La Rosée 7:45
6 Éclats De La Pierre Du Sentier 4:20
7 Limbes 6:14
8 L'embrasement 4:14
9 Pluie Perdue 6:26


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  1. Hi,

    It's possible to re-upload this one ? I'm looking everywhere on the internet…

    thanks and great job ! Greetings from France