Thursday, April 19, 2012

Internal Empty - "Psychotomimetic" (2005 alOne)

from Terror Noise Audio:
"An very good release that was given to me by mail by the aouthor himself. This album is very long (lasts about an hour) but it is definetly worth the time. There is an quite large spectar of songs, some are long, haunting while others are short and harsh. Released in very limited numbers on cdr. Definetly worth a listen!"


01. given time... (3:04)
02. i am a terrible secret (3:43)
03. exhaustive consciousness (7:53)
04. irreversible contretemps, the goddess beyond destiny (25:21)
05. a numinous place (3:56)
06. birds never eat stones (9:37)
07. counting Cratchit's bones (5:42)
08. inventing the bitter half of the moon (6:50)
09. torpid bellow (10:07)
10. ...given time (3:44)


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