Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lackthrow - "the hole year" (2008 alOne)

"the hole year" is one of those lackthrow packages that doesn't make itself all about 'noise', but rather uses it here and there as a part of the compositions. 9 of the 11 tracks containing lyrics and several vocal styles are more structured in a traditional sense than what you might expect from an artist most working in the 'noise' genre. some tracks are more experimental, a couple old school industrial, some bear the mark of power electronics, while a couple are harsh noise, though it seems it all has its own unique flavour. almost a concept album, almost a chronicle of a particular time period, the pained thoughts of the damaged.

1. littleboyblue (wtv)
2. the hole year
3. seam
5. i don't know how sick i am, and i don't care (original)
6. walking dead (headphone's subtle version)
7. intercourseisaffliction
9. won't heal
10. miscast
11. seam (remix)

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