Wednesday, April 25, 2012

deathpile - "gashbutcher" (1996 bloodlust!)

older, different, but goood out of print deathpile on the amazing BloodLust! label.
limited to 100 copies on cassette.

A1 Hate War 6:06
A2 The Hanged Man 2:14
A3 One-Man Slaughterhouse 4:15
A4 Gashbutcher 5:45
A5 The Structure And Function Of Pain II 10:35
B1 Dead Girls 5:10
B2 Blood Purge 3:07
B3 Sado-Electronics (Intrinsic Action cover 4:14
B4 Ordeal 4:40
B5 Reign Of Terror 4:13
B6 Frontal Lobe Damage 3:12
B7 In Satan's Name 4:11

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