Monday, April 9, 2012

Twitch - "the I/NzE" (1997 Rodent Rocket Records)*FIXED*

FIXED re-up 

track listing:

Dress Code 
 The Same (in Chaos) 
 Calamity (Delve Deep Mix) 
 Worry (Live at the 3rd Bedroom) 
 Calamity (Original Mix) 
Blah, blah, blah 
Beneath the Cloak 
The Happiest Fake 
Reject #1 
Non-Music Piece #1 
Irregular Spirit 

a quite old (and glowing!) review from Ballistic test zine (further evidence that i have always been annoying):

Even if you aren't an experimental noise fan you've probably heard of Twitch because of his appearances on some key compilations such as Machines in the Garden and Escape the Furnace. The Industro/Noise Experiment is an apt title if I ever heard one for an album. Loads of mechanical rumblings, hydraulics, screeches and other noise blasts form a thick wall of sound in this album along with the intensive use of familiar samples such as gun shots, a motorcyle, running water, and a crying infant. "Beneath the Cloak" (incorrectly listed as "The Insane Creatures of My Mind" on Escape the Furnace) is one of the most memorable tracks for crashing serene dark ambient with brutal mechanical noise blasts. The most unbearable part of this tape is when the crazy, freakish, gutteral or wailing vocals deliver indecipherable lines in a few songs. Be ready to fast forward when it hits unless your brain has a high tolerance for punishment. A couple of cool tracks towards the end of this lengthy tape mesh techno programming with harsh noises which helps to elevate this tape above abysmal mediocrity and into "interesting if you can stomach it" status. Not for those easily annoyed because the Industro Noise Experiment is tough to digest.

--Richard Maaranen


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