Thursday, July 28, 2011

VIODRE by request *UPDATE

UUEE Serve Me High [cathartic process 2002]

Viodre's 2nd full length, released simultaneously with his third, "Disgust" by 23 Productions. Experimental noise from one of the greatest US harsh noise artists to surface this decade. In standard jewel case with X-ray film as tray card. Professionally duplicated with printing on disc surface. Limited to 100 copies.

01 Albert titles before he records
02 Viodre presents interesting progressions
03 Space _ power _ time _ velvet _ birdfeeder collarbones
04 Late night driving with females
05 All you'll never know
06 Ripples itbs (with sudden infant)
07 Here ri-am (Ry)
08 Constellations (4th of july)
09 Fightings ends
10 And what you think of it

{78 mb}

+Thralldom - 16:51

DISGUST (heat ov the day)     [23 productions 2002]

1-12 are untitled.
13.Armed Head (Metrocide Remix)
14.End Ov The Day (Metrocide Remix)

{91 mb}

All Your Bobby Pins Here From Fucking On The Floor
(dance beautifully)      [kalifornialoveaddiction 2001]

01 collage of all the notes
02 varying lines and neon
03 rust and broken machine contour
04 dense urbania
05 break fucking break (here)
06 ba ba ba bastarbation
07 armed head
08 untitled
09 unconcious events
10 plaster cricket theme
11 dance spin shake beautifully

{70 mb}

Spaniard Pow-Pow Moss Promotional [kalifornialoveaddiction 2001]

01 cigarette song 2
02 break fucking break (remix)
03 live 2001 june 15
04 crack cell (stripclub vocal edit)
05 live 2001 june 16 part 03
06 live 2001 march 02
07 mix two

{115 mb}

+Ahlzagailzehguh – Collaboration [Throne Heap 2008]

ltd.ed. 75
A   Rain Makes The Womb 9:47
B1  When Another... (Edit) 5:46
B2  Live 12/26/06 4:09

(live thing -collection)
1. live in houston 05
2. live in columbus 05
3. live at glasslands w/ahlzagailzehguh 06
4. live at port dor w/ ahlzagailzehguh   11


  1. its a shame that putting up four Viodre releases will do little to 'preserve the art' as mr. gilroy said, but i'm very glad to help someone get ahold of this or perhaps repost it somewhere else. btw, anonymous, how are you aware that we used to know each other? just curious, who wouldn't be? in any case, enjoy the post.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. i'm his sister. he moved out 2 years ago. he has like 10 albums he never got out.

  4. holy shit..that's a shame. though i see he's been active again recently. i'm sure people are clamouring to get out his old stuff.....but if the day ever comes when they aren't..shit i'd lovethav it.