Monday, July 11, 2011

Grammal Seizure - "in memoriam marco (grammal seizure plays atrax morgue) (2009)

some aces channeling...

from Grammal Seizure:
"In Memoriam Marco" GRAMMAL SEIZURE plays ATRAX MORGUE.... Is a tribute 2 song free download. I cover "Beautiful Razor" and "Electrodeath excitement" on this internet only free release.... I did this because Marco in all his forms (atrax morgue, progretto morte, and his work with Maurizio Bianchi ALL HAD A HUGE INFLUENCE on me even wanting to start my own Power Electronics project.... Marco had just as much influence on me as WHITEHOUSE, THROBBING GRISTLE and THE GREY WOLVES...... You may not hear it, but he's in my music in some form....

1. beautiful razor
2. electrodeath excitement

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