Wednesday, July 27, 2011

soul junk - "1955" (1998 jackson/rubio recordings)

terrifically weird.
there's no use trying to quickly sum up the sound of soul junk.  drum n' bass, punk, hip-hop, alt rock, electronic, experimental, funk, stoner, industrial, genre hop HOP HOP HOPPING.

A1 Rebel Syphon
A2 Universal Two-Day City
A3 Pack Of Goons
A4 May My Tongue Be Stuck Up On The Roof
A5 Velodrome?
A6 Prophecies
A7 Old Dominion
A8 Straight From Neptune
A9 Double-O Javelin
A10 Blunderbuss
A11 Throw Down
A12 Cherry Stereo Chariot
A13 Moonbeam?
A14 All Men Are Grass
A15 Glowing Funeral
A16 As The Rain
A17 Transubstantial Peel-Out

AA18 See His Face
AA19 More Of The Illusory Doorprize
AA20 Gorilla In The Mix
AA21 April 42nd
AA22 Numb Live & Looser
AA23 Quasars?
AA24 Subwoof Ape Job
AA25 Yellow Tooth Yooth
AA26 THE Auriginal Manglist
AA27 Down With Sounds
AA28 All Lids
AA29 Some True Blue Gum From Seething Teeth
AA30 Turn On The Solar
AA31 Lazy Rattlesnake



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