Wednesday, July 27, 2011

soul junk -"1942" (2001 Sounds Familyre)

soul junk have always been a weird operation.
here's a taste of some of their LESS weird.

here is an excerpt of a review from PItchfork:
"...As for this 6-song, 23-minute EP, it's straight-up solid. The Beck-meets-Madlib brand of hip-hop that permeated the last Soul Junk full-length is here replaced with a frantic, spazzed-out kind of indie rock and shambling folk-pop. Synths, banjo, trumpet, and anything else found around the studio gets thrown in, creating the feeling of some sort of strange, postmodern hootenanny..."

1. Live Inside The Soul-Junk Cathedral
2. Israel And The Limping Hip
3. Soon Seated
4. 3 Fascinating Smells
5. Weapons!
6. Good As Dead

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  1. Less weird xD I think this one of their weirdest xD It's hard to even listen to it!! Seriously xD